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Click-A-Gig.com enables artists to promote themselves and distribute their music to more than 6.000 venues and agencies worldwide at the click of the mouse!

Click-A-Gig.com gives its users access to Europe’s most comprehensive live music database containing information on venues and agencies. Thereby it is a tool that makes it easier for musicians to be independent and promote themselves towards the live music industry. Click-A-Gig.com provides artists with the needed information and connections to the industry people, which is otherwise hard to reach and requires time to obtain. In that way musicians who subscribe to MyMusicMailer.com are given a head start.

At Click-A-Gig.com the artist creates an EPK (Electronic Press Kit), by uploading a picture, audio/video and biography. The EPK can then be emailed directly to the inbox of more than 6.000 venues and agencies. What separates MyMusicMailer.com from other sites, such as MySpace and alike, is the fact that MyMusicMailer.com lets the artist distribute their EPK.

Click-A-Gig.com is a service provided by VIP-Booking.com, the leading provider of information technology within the live music industry for the past ten years. According to Ronni Didriksen, Founder and Director, MyMusicMailer.com has risen as a natural development of VIP-Booking.com’s already existing services. Over the last few years the company has experienced a rising demand for such a service amongst professionals as well as performing artists. He also points to the fact that the role of the record labels is diminishing in terms of breaking new artists. The record labels no longer have the same resources and funds available for promoting new talent as they used to.

Ronni Didriksen therefore believes that there is a need for a site like MyMusicMailer.com for artists, who want to make an effort themselves and get their music out. As US music blogger Bob Lefsetz said at a conference recently: “It’s no longer about content, it’s about distribution Ronni says, “and I’m confident that both the professionals within the live music industry as well as the artists will welcome our initiative and make it a success”.

VIP-Booking.com was launched in April 2000 as a business-to-business resource for Entertainment Industry Professionals - today VIP-Booking's subscribers span over more than 45 countries. References include: Mojo Concerts (NL), Roskilde Festival (DK), Marshall Arts Ltd (UK), Montreux Jazz Festival (CH), Planet Events (ES), Barley Arts Promotion (IT), Rockwave Festival (GR), Rocket Music Entertainment (UK), Doctor Music (ES), Four Artists Booking Agentur GmbH (DE), Georg Leitner Productions (AT), Sweden Rock Festival (SE), Live Nation (FIN, IT & UK), A.S.S. Concert & Promotion GmbH (DE), Sziget Festival (HU) and many more.


Click-A-Gig.com is powered by VIP-Booking.com.

VIP-Booking.com was launched in April 2000 as a business to business resource for Entertainment Industry Professionals worldwide.

Today VIP-Booking.com allows it's subscribers to gain access to Europe's most comprehensive internet database containing information on artists, venues, booking & management companies, media, record labels etc.

References include:
Mojo Concerts (NL), Roskilde Festival (DK), Paléo Nyon Festival (CH), Scorpio Concerts (DE), Umeå Internationale Jazz Festival (SE), Gurtenfestival Berne (Appalooza Productions)(CH), Midfyns Festival (DK), Wiesen Concerts & Festivals (AT), Barley Arts Promotion (IT), Rockwave Festival (GR), Karsten Jahnke Konzertdirection (DE) GLP Artist Marketing (A), Storsjöyran (SE), Sweden Rock Festival (SE), Jazztronaut (BE), Live Nation (FIN), Contra Promotion (DE), Armin Rahn Konzertdirection (DE), Montreux Jazz Festival (CH), Sziget Festival (HU), AEG and many more.


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